Tom Leurquin: Clean Out Your Garage

Tom Leurquin (pronounced: LERʼ KWIN) recently cleaned out that very messy junk collector called a garage. What he came to realize was that sometimes this mundane task can have benefits that go far, far beyond what you might imagine.

First Ignite Bainbridge a huge success

Ignite Bainbridge 1

Ignite Bainbridge 1 was a huge success. It was a fun-filled evening of bunny pictures, pig pictures, engineering diagrams, minor technical difficulties, beer & wine, and even a little singing! We’ll be sharing the videos soon, but in the meantime, some thank yous are in order.

We couldn’t have pulled this off without a lot of help:

  • Thank you to the wonderful speakers who dared to climb on stage and share their passions for 5 minutes; you’re the reason we put on and attend these events.
  • Thank you to our amazing volunteers! We couldn’t have done this without you and we can’t thank you enough. You took care of everything from lights, sound, video recording, to selling & taking tickets, tweaking the presentations, and making sure the beer & wine were flowing.
  • Thank you to all of our generous sponsors. Again, without you, this event wouldn’t be possible. You let us keep the price for this event low (where else can you have this much fun for only $5???) so that more people could enjoy it.
  • Thank you to our community and attendees for supporting the first Ignite Bainbridge!

If you were inspired by the Ignite presentations and have a burning passion you want to share with your fellow Bainbridge Islanders, then submit your proposal for the next Ignite Bainbridge. Keep an eye out on this web site for information about when that will happen.

Tickets on sale!

Ignite Bainbridge tickets are now on sale through Brown Paper Tickets so get your tickets now for the show on May 16. Tickets are $5 online or at the door.

And please help us out by spreading the word. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+; tell your friends, family, neighbors, and random strangers! We need your support.

See you on May 16!

Huge thank you to our sponsors

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our wonderful sponsors. Without these sponsors, we couldn’t put on the Ignite Bainbridge show. So, thank you!!

First, thank you to OfficeXpats for hosting Ignite Bainbridge. They have provided space and support for all the planning meetings, Ignite Workshops, as well as the pre-show mixer on May 16.

Thank you to Jeff Brein and Bainbridge Cinemas for providing the space for the event.

Thank you to Sound Reprographics for generously printing all of our posters, cards, and more.

Thank you to Alex Sanso and Artopia Creative for designing all our cool posters, cards, presentation slides, and more.

Thank you to Steve Stolee and Stolee Communications for video recording the Ignite event. We’ll be posting the videos online, so you can watch them a second time.

Thank you to the crew at for writing up an article about Ignite Bainbridge and promoting the event on

Thank you to Mike Cyger and for advertising Ignite Bainbridge on

We are still looking for sponsors, so if you are interested in sponsoring please contact us! We still have a lot of production costs to cover in order for the show to proceed!

Ignite Workshop

Another fantastic Ignite Workshop this week at OfficeXpats!

We had so many great ideas floating around the table. Everything from “paying attention” to “healing with whole foods” to “how to prevent information obesity” to “what is a local currency”. I am so excited to see all these presentations at Ignite Bainbridge on May 16, 2012.

If you are interested in attending Ignite, please use the form on the home page to submit your email address so we can keep you posted about the event.

If you’re interested in presenting, volunteering, or sponsoring, use the links above to let us know! And join us at the next Ignite Workshop, April 11 at 1pm at OfficeXPats.