(The information about workshops below is from a previous Ignite; we’re leaving it here for when we come around to this again.)

Got questions on how to choose a subject, organize your speech, or choose your slides? Join us at OfficeXpats for a free workshop to find inspiration, discuss an idea, and develop a talk! The workshop goal is to provide everyone the nurturing, guidance, and constructive suggestions that they need to give their presentation. Join in the fun!

Each workshop will take both novice and experienced speakers through the essential steps, and we encourage alumni to attend and offer mentoring. Attending the workshops is not mandatory but highly recommended. It’s the best way to stay informed on the process and get feedback on the talk you are planning, at any stage.

If you can’t make any of the workshops due to a repeating conflict, be in touch and we will figure out a way for you to get the information and/or support that you need.

Save these dates! In addition to the topics listed below, each of the three workshops will offer time for you—as a prospective speaker—to get feedback from alumni on your idea, script, or completed presentation, and reminders for how to become an accepted presenter.

  • February 20 (Thursday), 6pm: Be prepared… the Ignite format… 5 minutes, 20 slides, a big idea. How to get started, planning your talk.
  • March 18, 6pm (Tuesday):  Be concise… the script for your talk, what makes a good story, even in 5 minutes.
  • April 8, 6pm (Tuesday): extra session for practice or showing that you are ready to join the roster!
  • April 19, 9-10am (Saturday): extra session for practice or showing that you are ready to join the roster ON STAGE in the Bainbridge Cinema
  • April 22, 6pm (Tuesday): Be visual…  the rules and restrictions for building your slides, tips for big impact, submitting your slides.