Ignite Bainbridge 3

Here are the talks currently planned for Ignite Bainbridge 3, on May 6, 2014.Ticket 2014

  • Christine Castigliano, “Just say Ahhh”
  • Audrey Barbakoff, “Read a Trashy Novel”
  • Leslie Schneider, “Sharing is the Rising Star in Our Next Economy”
  • Brian Anderson, “Hot Off the Rails: Oil Trains and Puget Sound”
  • Len Biel, “How Can I Keep From Singing: the Passion of IVC”
  • Barry Peters, “Finding our Community’s Radio Voice”
  • Matt Hamner, “Lessons Learned From my Dad”
  • Jaco ten Hove, “Interfaith Inspirations, Global and Local”
  • Charlie King, “Kilt of Life”
  • Trish King“Standardized Testing, Is it Serving Our Children?”
  •  Jordan Levine, “So You Think You Can’t Dance?” 


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