Stephanie Jackson: 18 inches to Happiness

Stephanie Jackson is a Health and Wellness coach who encourages/supports people to live at their best physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

Stephen Brady: The Future Of Education – We Have A Choice

The problems of today cannot be solved without a passionate connection to the world around us. Steve Brady would like to ignite a conversation about a new direction for education that will move us to a model of inspired learning.

Gregory Moncada: STEM Jobs are the Future

Tobias Eigen: Africa is not a country

Tobias was raised in Germany, USA, Botswana and Kenya. He loves Africa and has worked on technology issues with nonprofits and development agencies working in Africa since 1992. He runs as a networking platform for Africa, and hosts Africa roundtable meetings at OfficeXpats for networking and peer learning.

Klaas Hesselink: The science introduction to Cannabis

Klaas Hesselink was born and raised in the Netherlands, where he was trained as a chef before he set out to travel the world. Ten years later he found footing in the US thanks to his current wife and mother of his two children.
As any good resident is expected to do, Klaas took up entrepreneurship and has had many small and big adventures since.

His current occupations are leadership coach, and being the CEO of Cannatest, a company that scientifically test Cannabis for it potency.