So when is IgniteBainbridge IV?

We started the year with every intention of proceeding as usual with a May 2015 Ignite Bainbridge performance. Then it became clear that the organizers from the past few years (primarily Leslie and Jason from OfficeXpats, and Linna from The Callaham Group) could not commit again to the time needed. We approached another organization and proposed our participation and support if they would take on general management, but it didn’t work out. So the short answer to “When is Ignite Bainbridge IV?” is “we don’t know; we’re skipping it for 2015.”

Then Elizabeth (Beth) Robson called. For context, Beth was THE ONE who brought the idea of Ignite to Bainbridge, at a brainstorm meeting at OfficeXpats. She knew the creator of the Ignite format and had participated in an Ignite Seattle. She was our first Emcee.

EarthArt Bainbridge logoNow Beth has a new idea that Ignite Bainbridge could support, or that could reinvent Ignite Bainbridge, if we choose it. Her vision is EarthArt Bainbridge, a program to explore how art inspires us to understand our impact on the natural world and encourage us to take action on climate change. Announced on Earth Day 2015, EarthArt Bainbridge will engage with partners to plan and produce a full month of coordinated community-wide events celebrating Earth Day 2016. Think “art workshops, displays, performances, guest presenters” and community discussions about all that.

(By the way, the first public EarthArt event is happening on June 4th, 2015, 6:30pm, at OfficeXpats. We are gathering to watch some videos on “geo-engineering” as a response to climate change.) Read the rest of this entry »