Todd Hanson: The ‘Impossible’ Catalytic Converter

Todd Hanson explains his business team’s invention of a new and more efficient catalytic converter that he believes will help to revolutionize emission controls on all sorts of motor vehicles.

Steve Ramsey: Carrots, Pigs, and $1 Million Dollars

Summary: Steve Ramsey will take a light-hearted and self-incriminating look at how the simplest of daily decisions can have an enormous impact on the local community – along with a simple solution to avoid a local economic meltdown. (Plus – he’ll give a million dollars away.)

Leslie Schneider: Bones in the Desert: The Legacy of a Life Dedicated to Human Potential

Leslie Schneider is the co-owner of OfficeXpats, a coworking and small conference center on Bainbridge Island dedicated to building a community of entrepreneurs and independent professionals. She is also committed to telling the story of her father’s ideas about community and the design of the spaces built to facilitate them.

Alex Sanso: Karaoke: Hooked on a Feeling

Alex Sanso is a graphic designer and artist on Bainbridge who makes great art for great stuff that people use, wear, share and love. She believes in the power of karaoke as a catalyst for connection and wants to share her tips for getting hooked on the feeling of holding an audience’s attention for whatever you have to say…or sing!

Ann Whitmore: Just 10%

Ann is easily bored so she has had a varied professional background. She has been a teacher of hearing impaired children, a corporate lawyer, a school principal, and a coach. She has found that her passion is to help people seize their lives and live them with gusto, beginning with their health.